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Things to remember when assembling a signal booster
12.07.2016 03:46

Signal boosters do exactly what the name implies. They boost signals. Here we will be specifically talking about cell phone signal boosters. While usually cellphones achieve decent efficiency it is always better to improve and keep improving. One thing that should be understand when talking about cell phone signal boosting is that it is no walk in the park when assembling it. While you can have an expert come and have it assembled for you, everyone prefers to fix it themselves. There are several points in this process where things could go wrong. And if you do things wrong, it could be very hard to identify the problem and address it. Prevention after all is better than cure. Given below are some things you should remember when installing a cell phone signal booster.


Firstly, use the shortest cable you could possibly find. This is not for convenience sake. Although let's face it, no one likes too much cables. But what we mean by this is that if in case you have a long cable there will definitely be signal loss as well. The longer your cable gets, the more signal loss there exists. One thing that many people do is that when their cable is a little too long they usually roll the longer cable in order to make it shorter. This, does not help. The signal loss will still be the same. Hence in order to avoid losing signal, it's better to use a short cable altogether. Rolling the cable will also cause interference that you do not need which will then lead to signal loss.


When you usually buy any product, the prevalent belief is that if you purchase a higher quality product then you will be getting better performance. The same is true when it comes to signal boosters. When you're about to buy a cell phone signal booster, keep in mind that the better the quality of the cable, the better the quality of signal enhancement and also you will be getting lesser signal loss and interference. The Wi-Ex ones that are found may be reasonable when it comes to prices. But they usually come with low quality cables that lead to interference and signal loss.


Place your antennas so that there is considerable space in between them. This is a somewhat overlooked aspect when it comes to installing signal boosters. Usually people think the placement doesn't matter hence they pick the most convenient places. But this is not the case as placing the antennas too close together will cause the signal booster you use to reduce its power. Not only does it reduce power but it will also reduce the overall effectiveness of the booster. If in case you cannot space them at a distance due to spacing problems, then it is advices that you should shield one antenna from the other.


Hopefully using these tips, you would be able install your new signal booster by yourself and without a hassle.



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