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Review of Boosters Used in AU by Vodafone
26.01.2017 16:49

 Taking into consideration the fact that modern life is too connected to the technology, and even a temporary loss of connection may cause some difficulties and inconveniences both in business and personal life, the importance of finding a solution to poor signal comes forth and this is where we rely on the powerful effect that mobile signal boosters may have.  Such boosters that are designed for the improvement of Vodafone signals and are proved to be quite handy devices to use, thus eliminating your daily dose of stress.

As it is mentioned at Australian website, the need of the boosters has become a reason of creation various kinds of them and consequently, it is sometimes rather hard to make up your final decision about the very type of device that best meets both your needs and budget.

In order to make this point more clear for you we have examined a lot of information and distinguished several pieces of equipment which we consider to have privileges over the other types.

We find it appropriate to mention that our choice is unbiased and has not been affected by any advertiser or sponsor, on the contrary we have taken into account the professional description of them presented in different online sources and the feedback received from the users of the devices.

Speaking about Vodafone mobile signal booster, we cannot but mention that the application or even selling such devices are often referred to be out of law in AU, as they  may interfere and damage the network of the operator or some other users.

Cel-fi RS2

The first type of mobile boosters we would like to spread information about is the so called Smart Repeater or Cel-fi RS2, which is, by the way, authorized to be used while operating on Vodafone network. Cel-fi RS2 devices may provide a cost-effective and meanwhile network-friendly indoor signal coverage.

Two variants of this  device may be purchased:

Cel-Fi RS2 for VODAFONE 3G - 900/2100MHz

Cel-Fi pro for VODAFONE 3g & 4g

As the names suggest the first one operates on the Vodafone 3G 900/2100, while the second one can boost not only 3G but also 4G connections.

The benefits the device brings with it include but are not limited to:

Reduced number of dropped or interrupted calls and higher, even maximized data rates,

Improved, much clearer 3G voice quality while calling

Possibility of serving multi carriers

Auto correct of the needed frequencies

Ease of installation

In order to install the device you need to find a place in your home with even 1-bar-signal, note that it is likely to be in front of a window.

After it, you should plug the window unit into an outlet and make sure that at least a bar on it is relevant. Having done this, you should try to slightly change the position of the Window unit to find the best place and plug the coverage unit.

And finally the coverage unit should be optimized.

The feedbacks of the Vodafone users that have purchased one of the models of this device are mainly overwhelmed. Many users, who live in rural areas, mentioned that but for the device they had never been able to make calls from their home, and were obliges to walk up the hills to reach mobile signal. They insist that the only thing that is required to find a place with at least one bar of signal in your house and your smart booster, designed for Vodafone will provide you with high quality connection, dramatically increasing the data speeds.

Last but not least, the customer service provided by the smart booster’s providers is quite good as well; they are ready to respond to any difficulty the users have faced.




These are also devices with good performance and consequently good feedback. Different models of these devices are designed to work on different frequencies and provide quality 3G connection.

The device is capable of taking a weak signal and boosting it. As a result, the number of dropped calls is considerably decreased and higher data exchange speed is enabled.

The installation of the device is also quite easy and time-consuming, what is supposed to do in order to set it up is just adjusting the outdoor antenna which is handled with the device outside and so that it captures signals and transmit their improved variant to the inner antenna, thus delivering strong signals.

Finally, a one year warranty is given with the device.





Unlike the preceding cases, when we dealt with devices, that are used to boost Vodafone reception, in this case the presented item is designed for vehicles

This is a strong amplifier that can be applied by vehicles. It has a magnetic areal that mounts on the vehicle and connects to the booster unite, placed in the vehicle. Due to this device you can ensure the mobile signal connection while travelling vie low signal areas.

The output power of the booster is of 227 dBm and 55 dBm.

Such a device may be an ideal accompany for driver, as it can keep them away from a number of issues-starting from keeping them available for receiving calls to being able to call somebody in case of some problems with the car


So, as you may have felt, the problem of continuously dropped calls and slow data exchange can annoy even the most patient person on the world. Still, the reason of the problem may be just the fact that you are living in the countryside or even simpler- you home has got a metal roof.

Meanwhile, the problems of this kind at times can be as easy to solve as buying and installing a mobile signal booster, which can be a bit pricy device but the fruits of your investment will not make you wait for a long time, for sure. Consequently,  it is only mindful to consider the possibility of buying such a device and as it is the easiest way to put an end to surprise voice mails and texts stuck in your outbox at the moments when you needed it be delivered.



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