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How to select the right signal booster in South Africa
19.04.2017 15:48

One of the most topical questions regarding cell phone boosters is how to select the most appropriate product for your case. In order to buy the correct model of a signal booster, customers should take into consideration certain technical factors. Before buying your signal booster, customer will need to identify certain information. The first thing you need to identify is the carriers you have to support, as well as which networks on those carriers, as that determines which signal amplifiers you will be able to use and which type of outside antenna you need. In case you have to support multiple carriers, you have to use an omnidirectinal (omni) outside antenna, which is able to send and receive mobile signal from all directions at once. If you need to support only one carrier, then you can apply a stronger yagi directional antenna, which is able to aim at the nearest cellular tower and receive more boosting power than you would get from an omni antenna. Another thing that you have to identify is the outside signal strength of the carriers. This factor will define  how strong of an amplifier you need to provide adequate coverage for the whole area you need to support. The weaker the external strength is, the more powerful amplifier, you have to get. You should also take into account the layout of the area, you need to provide with boosted coverage, this factor will define which internal antenna will be suitable for your situation. If the entire coverage area is located on one floor, a dome antenna will be appropriate to you. In case your area is situated on multiple floors, then you have to get a panel antenna as it is more directional and able to equally distribute the signal coverage in all areas. As you can see there are many factors that should be accounted in order to get the correct booster. In this respect, it is recommended to consult with a specialist before buying your model. Nowadays, signal booster are widely available in many online stores, which makes their purchase even easier, as in the majority of cases, online shops offer their customers technical support, where qualified experts are constantly available to help you to make the right choice in the purchase of your booster. However, while addressing to online stores, you should be very careful. Always give preferences to reliable providers, which have extensive experience in the market. You can browse the Internet for positive reviews of other customers before choosing the provider. In addition, make sure that the model you get is accompanied with all appropriate certificates in order to be sure in the quality of the production. Taking into consideration this advice, you will be able to choose the best model and forever eliminate the weak mobile signal connection out of your life. If you frequently experience the above mentioned problems with mobile connection, there is no need to suffer anymore, just a get a signal booster and experience its effectiveness first hand. Today, the practical benefit of mobile boosters is confirmed by many satisfied customers in South Africa and all over the world. Apply a signal booster and be sure in the quality of your mobile connection regardless of your connection across ZA.  



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