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EE Mobile Signal Boosters UK: A Quick Insight into the Companys History
27.03.2017 19:48

Everything Everywhere or as it is now called for short EE is a British mobile network and Internet service provider founded in 2010 and headquartered in Hatfield. It is considered to be the largest mobile network carrier in the UK and boasts around 30 million customers. Being the largest mobile operator in the United Kingdom, the company is also renowned as the largest 4G services operator in European countries. To prove you the high popularity and achievements of the EE mobile provider here is some factual statistics as of 2016: The combined coverage of EE's 4G and 2G networks reaches more than 99% of the British pupulation, what refers to the 3G network then it reaches 98% of the population.

However perfect a signal this mobile carrier seems to provide it can still never avoid weak connectivity and signal failures in certain regions and buildings around the United Kingdom. There are a number of reasons that might cause weak signal and result in you having missed and interrupted calls which are sometimes very decisive for your job or career. But as soon as you purchase an EE mobile signal booster you will be able to no longer worry about dropped calls. With EE phone signal boosters you will not have to make calls beforehand, say, before going to the countryside, or before starting driving your car. All you would need to do is installing the cellular repeater at the place where you have weak signal and enjoy the high-quality connectivity right after.

But what are the main reasons that cause the strong signal of EE mobile provider despite its wide coverage area fail at some point? Below are a few reasons of it that will make things clear for you thus assuring you that the missed calls you face at times are not always the fault of your mobile network operator:

  • Lack of Coverage in the Countryside: Before you start thinking that the lack of coverage in rural places is the fault of the mobile provider, we advise you to try to look at the situation as a shareholder of a telecommunications company and analyze the consequences of having a base station in a rural area. When you view things in a wider perspective, you will see that the results might be ''destructive'' for a successful business to found a base station in an area that is not densely populated and lacks much housing. Erecting a network tower in the countryside costs much money and to cut it short, it would not be very reasonable for a business to waste money and time on such a thing in hopes of getting more revenue and benefits. Taking this into consideration, it becomes more than clear that installing an EE home signal booster in your village house is the best solution for getting strong connectivity and staying connected with everyone.
  • Construction Building Materials: Another reason that is worth mentioning here is the construction material of the building you are in. Some materials such as too thick concrete, lead, solid foam or fiberglass might contribute to the weak connectivity problem thus making you hang out of the window or go outside so as not to have a missed or an interrupted call. But here again the problem can be easily solved with one simple touch – an EE phone signal booster. By installing an EE booster in a building where the connectivity is weak you will say goodbye to the infinite number of dropped calls you used to have – simple as that. What's more important, is the fact that of the building is a business centre or some other place that deals with serving customers, then having a strong signal will leave all your customers satisfied.

Area Size: The size of the area be it an office, a house or a building also matters. The larger the size the more is the probability that you will stumble upon connectivity issues. Such places as warehouses, underground and the like often face this problem. But the solution has long been found – it takes a simple installation of an EE mobile signal booster and that's it – no more missed calls, no more complaining customers and employees. 



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